We have a large selection of new and used firearms. Not only do we sell handguns and long guns, but we also carry airsoft guns, BB guns, stun guns, pepper spray, and gun accessories. We sell AMMO as well, and we keep most calibers in stock at all times.

There are hundreds of guns for sale for you to choose from. We are a certified Glock dealer and keep most of their models in stock year round. We also offer guns for the ladies in many calibers, which come in pink and a variety of other colors as well.



Taurus - Ruger - Mossberg - Smith & Wesson

We have several highly knowledgeable gun men on staff who can answer any of your questions and help you choose the right gun for your specific needs.

Firearm Transfers

We offer a firearm transfer service. If you purchase a gun out of the state and need it transferred to Kentucky to complete the paperwork, we can take care of that. Just call for the details.

Pawning a Gun

Yes, you can pawn your firearm. It is the same as pawning any other item when you pawn it. The part of the process that changes is when you come to retrieve your firearm. When picking up your firearm you are required to fill out a government background check which will be called in immediately to the National Instant Check System (NICS) a department of the FBI. You may be able to take your gun with you immediately, but there may be up to three business day delay before you are allowed to take your firearm with you. If you have a valid Concealed Deadly Weapons License from the state of Kentucky you are guaranteed to be able to take your gun with you on the spot, after your form is filled out.



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